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About Me

In 2011, I started working as a freelance English-Japanese translator, and in 2012, I began accepting video game translation jobs as well. Since then I have been a part of many projects in various fields including tourism, marketing, websites, e-learning, home appliances, and more. In 2019, I decided to focus on game translations and throughout my career, I have been a part of over 100 game projects.

I can handle a wide range of genres, from humorous casual games to serious dark fantasy and full-fledged FPS games.

Strong Genres: action, adventure, RPG, fantasy, strategy,

puzzle, sandbox

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Recent Works


Other Experiences

Travel guide, travel agency websites, airline websites, hotel group websites,

cruise company websites, internal documents, E-learning videos, sports apparel,

pet supplies, home appliances, skincare products, kitchen products,

haircare products, apps, movie script, book (preliminary translation), horoscope, entertainment news writer, etc


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